Field of cornflowers


 Yes, I love flowers!!!

I love them the same as any women , but most off all I adore wild-growing field flowers.

They remind me about childhood, about summer-time spent outdoors, about warm sun-rays ewerywhere.
Eweryone who live in a big city, as I do, will understamd me :)

So, it is very easy to feel the nature being in the city. Just find a thing that remind's you about fresh country air, about green meadows . For someone it can be  clothes, presented by grandmother, for someone cute souveneer, that was bought on a summer outdoor festival.

These flowers help me to imagine that I'm far away from smog and traffic-jams.
Creating them brings me lots of joy, hope you will also like them :) .

P.S. If you find any mistakes, just smile :) English is not my native language
Best wishes,
Olena Mysnyk


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